Atlanta Police, Firefighters Honored at 18th Annual Awards Dinner

Atlanta Police, Firefighters Honored at 18th Annual Awards Dinner

mg-1210-jpg.jpgThe Eighteenth Annual Awards Dinner honoring our Public Safety Officials was held on October 15, 2009 at a new venue, The Piedmont Driving Club.  The dinner was a great success. It was very well attended and enjoyed by members, as well as our honored guests and speakers.

Our board member Stephen Boyd gave the invocation. Chairman Bill Lellyett followed with The State of the Club.

The awards were presented by two of our Board Members, Chairman Emeritus A.B. Martin and Margaret Stickney.

A total of nine well-deserved awards were given to individuals. As always, the evening was moving and truly inspiring. Each situation was different, but all displayed the common thread of heroism.

Dispersed among the crowd were many senior  officials from each of the major police and fire departments we service. We thank them for their attendance and support.

This year’s dinner will again be at The Piedmont Driving Club on October 21, 2010.  We look forward to seeing everyone there for another enjoyable evening.

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